MMP Brasswind mouthpieces

In Memory of Ernest Rosendahl





Classic line

Classic line Very good all around mouthpieces.

Mouthpieces with immediate
response, affording precision
technique and universal application.

Jazz line For high notes

                    high notes

                                  high notes

. . .         A Symphonic Offers full rounded sound with
body and good definition.
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Classic line

Classic line A must for the serious player.

Affords the player a rich
mellow tone and good intonation.

Jazz line Affords an extremely good high
register and offers the player
good flexibility within that register.


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Trompete Trompette Tromba Trompeta Trumpet Trumpet Trompete Trompete トランペット Brasswind Selmer Saxophone Alto Tenor Baritone Soprano. Saxophones online.
Posaune Trombone Trombone Trombón Trombone Trombone Trombone Trombone トロンボーン Musik Videos
Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba チューバ

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Flügelhorn Bugle Corno tenore Fliscorno Fluegelhorn Fluegelhorn Flugelhorn Flugelhorn フリューゲルホル


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